Online Keno: Rules And Gameplay

Online Keno: Rules And Gameplay

Keno is a very ancient game 96aceidn of Chinese origin. Introduced in the nineteenth century in the United States by Chinese immigrants, the game is very popular in US casinos while European players are just starting out with this game. The rules of the game are reminiscent of and are a cross between those of bingo and lottery, and in land-based casinos to extract the numbers, balls similar to those of ping pong are used on which the numbers from 1 to 80 are marked. of the balls is exactly like the one in the lotto game that you see on television,

Offered by the best online casinos in the category of arcade games, online keno as live allows you to bet only small amounts and the winnings are also quite modest.

The rules of keno are almost the same whether played live or online. To play keno you receive a folder with a table divided into eighty boxes in which the numbers from 1 to 80 are reported. Initially you have to make your bet and choose 20 numbers at random among the 80 marked. In online keno the numbers to choose are 10.

In the second phase of the keno game, 20 numbers are drawn by lot. The more there are coincidences between the numbers chosen at the beginning and those drawn, the higher the payout is. The probability of a 100% coincidence occurring is almost nil, even lower than the probability of hitting the six numbers in the lotto. The highest probability, 0.0233% is that five coincidences will occur. Even on the contrary, it would be to say that there is no coincidence, the probability is almost nil, and in many land casinos and online casinos even this option pays a lot.

From the player’s point of view keno and also online keno is not a very convenient game of chance as it is one of the casino games that gives the house the highest edge. Its advantage is that it does not allow you to bet large amounts so the losses are generally quite limited. Knowing the odds of each coincidence is also quite easy to bet more wisely.

Another difference between live keno and online keno is that on the online casino the game software can choose the numbers for you in the first phase of the game and the drawing of the 10 numbers is instantaneous and automatic.

Generally every online casino has the same rules as keno, but not the same payout percentages for the same number of coincidences. There are online casinos that pay more for the same number of connections made.

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